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Instructions and Guidelines

Authors are instructed to follow the below guidelines for submission of the abstract.

Abstract Structure

  Abstract should be written only in English.

  The acceptable word limit for each abstract should not exceed 250 words

  Please click here to download the abstract template.

  We encourage you to send an informative abstract (complete abstract) which is a compendious summary of your paper.

  You can submit your abstract via Submission.

  You will receive an acknowledgement mail upon your submission immediately, if not received kindly reach us through WhatsApp; 91 – 9345531807

  Decision on the acceptance of your abstract will be intimated within 48hrs of submission

Steps To Follow for Your Abstract Submission
  • Once you have prepared your abstract according to the above-mentioned guidelines,
  • Submit your abstract via online Submission or Email your abstract to
  • After submission of your abstract in the link, you will receive an acknowledgment with submission abstract id via an email immediately.
  • If you do not hear back from us, please feel free to write to us immediately at or WhatsApp at: +91-9345531807
  • Please underline the presenting Author.
  • Abstract should submit as per template format, otherwise the abstract won’t be considered
  • Please make use of the template given on the website while drafting your abstract for a poster or oral presentation