Important Dates : Early Bird Registration : 14th September 2024 | Abstract Submission : 21st September 2024 | Full Paper Submission : 12th October 2024 | Standard Registration : 15th September 2024

2nd Public Health & Dietary Lifestyle - Philippines 2024

The 2nd International Conference on Public Health and Dietary Lifestyle stands as a crucial event dedicated to confronting the multifaceted challenges within public health and advocating for healthy dietary habits. Its significance lies in its role as a gathering point for a diverse array of stakeholders, including researchers, practitioners, policymakers, and other professionals vested in the field of public health, this conference serves as a pivotal platform for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. By bringing together experts from various disciplines and backgrounds, it fosters an environment where insights can be shared, and innovative solutions can be collaboratively developed. Through presentations, discussions, and workshops, attendees have the opportunity to delve into critical issues plaguing public health and explore strategies to address them effectively.

Theme : Exploring Health through Nutrition

Conference Highlights

Expert Speakers
  • Exchange ideas, discoveries, and research insights with prominent figures in the field
  • Raise awareness about environmental concerns and explore viable solutions
  • Raise awareness about environmental concerns and explore viable solutions
  • Enhance strategies for more effective responses to the challenges
  • Cultivate a global network by engaging with speakers and environmental advocates
  • Expand knowledge and foster enthusiasm for research endeavors

Purpose of the Conference

  • Exchange Ideas : Foster dialogue for sharing innovative solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Raise Awareness : Promote understanding of sustainable practices and green technologies.
  • Foster Collaboration : Facilitate partnerships across sectors for collective environmental action.

Sustainable Development Goals

By aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we affirm our dedication to global sustainability and societal well-being. Here are several ways in which Public Health and Dietary Lifestyle-2024 will contribute to advancing the SDGs:

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