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International Journal of Agro Nutrifood Practices

International Journal of Agro Nutrifood Practices

ISSN: 2583-066X (Online)

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Aim and Scope:

International Journal of Agro Nutrifood Practices seeks to advance the quality of research and publishes evidence-based information that advances the understanding and development of food and health nutrition, food safety, agriculture production and utilization, impact of agricultural practices and novel framing methods, education, management, and research.

The journal focuses on broadcasting brilliance, and publishes research papers, reviews, critical discussion, and commentary of the highest standard that have a sound scientific, theoretical or philosophical base.

These goals are accomplished through promoting the exchange of knowledge and ideas that draw from the diverse cultures in which practice takes place. All submitted manuscripts are subject to a rigorous and fair peer-review process.

The journal is focused on publishing studies that evaluate and promote health care innovations & policies for the research question of interest, methodological papers presenting analytic techniques, measures, and research methods.

Issue release criteria: 4 issue per year

Topic Covered:

Food Health & Nutrition

Food Processing Technology

Clinical Nutrition

Food Materials & Food Engineering

Food Processing & Manufacturing

Food Science & Technology

Food Quality & Safety

Food Processing

Agriculture Production & Utilisation

Metabolism and Nutrition Physiology

Nutritional Epidemiology

Bioavailability and/or biological activity of foods

Agricultural Biotechnology


Agriculture Food Economics & Policies

Agricultural Management

Agricultural Technology


Plagiarism should be: Below 20%.


Average time (submission to publication) - Eight weeks for the article to be accepted after it is first submitted, and four weeks for the article to be published after it has been accepted and deemed worthy of publication.