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International Journal of Agro Nutrifood Practices

Acta Innovations

ISSN: 2300-5599


Aim and Scope:

The journal Acta Innovations (ISSN 2300-5599) aims to distribute scientific and timely information for the academic community and industry relevant to Energy, Economics, Environmental Engineering and Food Technology. The Acta Innovations journal has aimed to publish manuscripts with integrity and independence to influence the world beyond academia. Thus, the Acta Innovations covers applied research with a special emphasis on impact of presented research and innovation may have on e.g., society, environment, economics, policy, regional and others.

The journal Acta Innovations publishes peer-reviewed original scientific papers, short communications, review articles and opinions.

Issue release criteria: 4 issue per year

Topic Covered:

Energy, Food Technology, Environmental Engineering and Economics with a clear indication of impact of presented research and innovation on the addressed area (only innovative technology related articles contributed to benefits of and influenced the society, our environment and the economy)


Plagiarism should be: Below 5%.


Submission to acceptance time: 30 days

After acceptance to publication: 45 days